Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm not typically a big fan of big groups and chaos. Occasionally, though, I'll have a moment where I can't get enough of it. I'm off today so I headed to Common Grounds to loaf around. Three minutes ago I found myself doing four things at once: 1.) Listen to an old acquaintance tell me about a new business he is starting, and also the stages of being a nerd (he's a computer guy,) 2.)Eavesdrop on a conversation going on right next to me, 3.) Enjoy the music playing over the loudspeakers, and 4.) Plan on writing a blog about how cool I am for being able to concentrate on four things at once.

My enthusiasm lasted only a moment, however. I started to get a headache, and I felt bad for not listening to the person who was actually talking to me.


Holly said...

i thought for a second i might get a shout out in this post... oh well... i was happy to see you this morning!
p.s. i heard grey's isn't new until the 19th or something of April... SUCK!

Craig said...

I can't be certain, as my minutes have jumbled together, but I think I saw you after this post.