Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Last Best Day (For the Time Being)...

If you are in the Greater Waco vicinity right now (9:30 p.m. Tuesday April 25, 2006,) you should be aware of this: I am proclaiming it a crime to not go outside and enjoy the weather. If you didn't go out after the storm and observe that which was frightening in our midst turn into that which is beautiful when seen from a distance, and lift your arms at least a little to feel the cool air on your skin, I will make a citizen's arrest on your unappreciative ass. Walk to the nearest ditch and revel in the flowing water, chasing the all-to-brief spring, or running from the long summer. Either way the water is between here and there and it deserves your attention. The fee for a season pass of bitching about the hot Texas weather is paid for by a little joy expressed in these rare moments.

Avery Lake started her day, on the way to pre-school by informing her grandmother "I bet my daddy is having a FUN day today with all those clouds in the sky. He's probably jumping from one to the other like they're trampolines!"

I came over and spent the evening with the kids. Avery ended the day at the open door, just after the storm, telling me night-night before she went to bed and I went home. I gave her a big hug, told her I loved her, because you can never say that enough to a kid. She took the deepest breath in the universe, and paused. I waited in anticipation for what she would say. After what seemed like an eternity, another deep breath. And then, "It SURE does smell good outside!"

I think little Ms. Drama Queen is on to something.

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