Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Couple of Quotes...

People don't seem to be blogging much these days. I guess the ebb and flow of reality has ebbed, or is it flowed, to where life happens more away from a computer than in front of it. I think that's probably a good thing.

I've spent a lot of time with the Lake kids this week. As physically draining as it is, there is nowhere in the world I'd rather be than with them.

Those kids are hilarious. I thought I'd share a couple of funny stories.

Yesterday we were sitting on the trampoline, resting. Actually, I was resting, they were pretending to rest. I can jump nonstop for about ten minutes and tell them I need a break. They agree it's time to rest, sit down with me, and no joke, literally ten seconds later "Alright, let's jump now!" Well on one particular occasion they decided we'd all sit and talk, like three little miniature cast-of-friends around a coffee cup. I turned the conversation around to how cute they all are. Me: "Y'all sure are cute!" Avery: "I think Jude is the cutest, but, actually," ('actually' is Avery's favorite word right now')"Sutton's pretty cute too." Me: "You're cute as well. Do you think I'm cute?" Avery: "No, you're not cute." Me: "Am I handsome?" Avery (with 100% honesty, but also trying to make me feel good): "No, you're not cute OR handsome. But you ARE funny!"

Gee, Avery, thanks.

The other incident happened on Tuesday night. I had just given the boys a bath. We were in their room and I was trying to chase them down to get them dressed, but they wanted to just run around naked (like I do when no one is home.)* Avery walked by and yelled "Oh my goodness! There are penises all over the place! I don't want to be looking at so many penises!" Jude, trying to help her out, put his pull-up on and yelled into Avery's room, trying to communicate that his penis is no longer showing, points to his crotch and yells "Look Avery, I don't have a penis anymore! Ha, ha!!"

With kids there is no need to make up comedy bits. They just serve them to you on a silver platter.

*I really don't do this, so try to get the picture out of your head.


Carn-Dog said...

I laughed out loud and no one was here to hear it. this are truly funny.

Avery's first story reminds me of a sermon Kyle preached in which he made a similar point about her brutal ability to be so honest. i think it had something to do with being in line at a grocery store;).

Myles said...

for those of us who didn't catch it the first time, how does the grocery store bit go?

Craig said...

When Avery was 2 or 3, she and Kyle were in line at the grocery store behind a lady of large proportion. Avery pointed to her stomach and said "Look, there's a baby in there!"

harris said...

i loved those stories, craig.