Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter 2006...

they spent three years with Him
a thousand sunrises
but yesterday
the sun rose to find darkness
and the darkness stood it's ground

today should be the same
perhaps ten thousand, maybe more
without Him, will they return
to their boats, long forgotten
on that lonely shore?

some left early to do their chores
most lay silent to chart their course

in the distance-- a duet of tears and running feet
coming closer, coming closer

out of breath, out of mind
they share the news, they share the time

He sees from a distance their bewilderment
and He smiles that smile, and he waits for them

He cooks the fish, He breaks the bread
He can't stop laughing, he shakes his head

in His mind the only words, are a silly, incredulous
"So, how's this for closure?"


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Singleton said...

A poet! A poet, too! I'll be damned, he's a poet! Call Unce Walt, tell Emily to bring her dashes, W.B. to sing a jubilant song in Gailic, and Bill Shakespeare to dance a jig of joy in iambic pentameter! Craig Nash, poet.