Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Few Tidbits...

-- I've been a Department Manager at Barnes and Noble for about three years now, and today was the first time I got cussed out. It was wonderful! I really did enjoy it because the customer was a total ass and I could care less if he came back in the store again. The details would take me being a little more alert, but I'll just say it centered around him not having a telephone and bitching about us not contacting him.

-- Tim is in Texas from Germany and will hopefully be coming into Waco tomorrow. He'll then leave for East Texas again and be back for Easter. I'm super excited about seeing him and Isabel.

-- I kind of thought my Dixie Chick post from the other day would have elicited a little more response than what it did. Has anyone actually listened to the song? Are you shocked that I backtracked on some of my previously held beliefs?

-- When I returned from my trip last week I began adding to my running a little weight lifting. I've relearned something about lifting weights that has always been a part of me-- I HATE IT! It sucks big time, but I think I need to start doing it.

-- Get this: My parents were so worried about me because I didn't call them for the few days I was gone (mostly because my phone was off) that they called MY WORK to see if I was ok. It's like I'm at summer camp and they had to call the camp counselors.

-- Speaking of my parents. I watched a couple of recorded episodes of the new show Sons and Daughters this evening. It wasn't as funny as I thought it would be but it hits home hard. It is a PERFECT picture of the strangeness of families.

-- I'm off to bed. Catch you later.


greenISgood said...

"Are you shocked that I backtracked on some of my previously held beliefs?"

I wouldn't say "backtracked",I would say "come correct" or "met your senses, finally". God does answer prayer, see?

Peace n' love

Janalee said...

I'm not suprised. We're deconstructionists, right? Your loyalty to the republican party has always been a mystery to me. Maybe because it seems like most people who read and embrace "ANKOC" eventually leave that behind as well. Of course, what do I really know? I'm not that political. I mean, the West Wing is probably what makes me lean towards the democrats these days.

Luke Smith said...

Greetings, I think my folks are coming to Waco in a few weeks. I did not previously read the "chicks" post. I must say I am a little dissapointed (I also just like to argue!). It is not shiek to jump on the bandwagon of "regret" over the "prosecution of the war". Your lament sounds a bit like the gambler who might say I am really sorry that I bet a thousand dollars on Seatle, I wish I had bet a thousand dollars on Pittsburg. But we don't get to bet that way. I do not think President Bush is treated fairly. If he does not beg for another chance every time there are problems then he is arrogant. I do not get that impression. Clearly the war in Iraq is more complicated than anyone expected.

Hope all is well.



Myles said...

one of my favorite BN moments was when i had a customer get pissed and heave a big computer textbook at me. lovely. i wanted to set fire to the counter.