Sunday, September 07, 2003

I am a Christian.

I had some friends, old and new, come over after church for leftover taco soup. When they went home, I was left in the den in a very introspective mood. Listening to Sarah MacLachlan's "Building a Mystery" and David Crowder's "Open Sky," I came to this wonderful conclusion..... I am a Christian, and I'm totally ok saying that now. For several years I have not been comfortable saying that. Fear of being identified with certain groups of Christians kept me from proclaiming who I am, even to myself. I made up all kinds of cute little phrases like "I consider myself a follower of Christ," or "I am someone seeking God." But now, reflecting on how God has chosen to incarnate himself to me in the context of His people, I can say, unashamedly "I am a Christian." To be sure, I'm not like every other Christian. In fact, it's quite possible that I'm not like any other Christian. But that doesn't take away from this fact.... I have made a choice, responding to God's initiative, to follow the ways of Christ.

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