Tuesday, September 16, 2003

At this particular point in my life (that would be today) these are my favorite things, people, facts, ideas... in no particular order:

-- The Joe Schmo Show
-- The fact that my mom is going through a phase where every day she sends me one of those email cards, for no particular reason.
-- Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake at the Barnes and Noble cafe'.
-- Susan Matthes is back in America.
-- Illuminate.
- Especially How Great, Intoxicating, and Revolutionary Love.
-- Next week, "Ed."
-- Kyle, Jen, Avery, Jude, Sutton.
-- Brent wants me to read a book with him.
-- Next month, vacation.
-- Thinking about cold weather.
-- UBC.
-- Tomorrow Fortenberry is in town.
-- Thinking of growing old.
-- The situation with you know who and you know who.
-- Ben blogging. (You rock!)
-- Kent Haruf has a new book in a few months.
-- Being able to say "a few months" and it no longer feeling like an eternity.
-- Freedom from ambition.
-- Shema.
-- The fact that I haven't had to go grocery shopping in more than a week.
-- Freedom to explore and experience irony.
-- Freedom from irony.
-- New boldness to share feelings.
-- You.

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