Thursday, February 15, 2007

When it happens...

(Jason and Christy, look away.)

If you're looking for a reaction from me about tonights Grey's Anatomy, well... I'm not sure. I echo what Carney insinuated in his blog: In two weeks the show will either be considered one of the greatest ever, or Shonda Rhimes will be stoned in the square of public opinion. I hope she knows what she's doing.

But what I really thought throughout the episode is this:


In the car
At the park
Walking dogs
Waking up
Having Sex
Picking lettuce
Drinking at a bar
Crying in a hospital
Eating popcorn
Feeling sick
At a church
On the phone
A million other places
A million other verbs
This is where we are
And this is what we are doing
When death occurs


Erin said...

After this particular episode ended, I turned to my husband Ben and asked "Do you think they'd let her die?" realizing as I spoke these very words what his answer would be. "Of course not- She's the main character." He comforted me. I believed he was right- In the land of TV, the main character (especially for whom the show is named) always makes it out okay. Why is it that real life can't be that way? That people would survive and make it through simply because they're too important to those around them not to. If this was how it worked in real life, I can think of people who would still be here.

jenA said...

I kind of hope they do let her die. It would take a great writer to force the public to look reality in the face; to see how life moves forward with the tangible absence of someone that everyone remembers. Kind of like acknowledging the elephant that's NOT in the room.

jenA said...

ps hey, did you get the thing that I sent you or what?

Craig said...

I did, and thank you very much! I was hoping to see you at church this morning to thank you, but never saw you.

I love cinnamon and I love marshmallows.

jenA said...

yes! my cooking experiment triumphs yet again! you know, only you and three other people got those marshmallows. you are special.
sorry for the disappearing act, though - i was out of town. I should be back in church around the time you're on vacay!