Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Weekend...

Here's what I've spent my rare three-day weekend doing:

1. Reading.I take home way too many Advanced Reading copies of books, and hardly ever read them. But I decided I am going to start making more use of these free treasures. Angel's Rest is the first thing I've read in a long time that is just good. Not great. Not necessarily riveting. Just a good story. I usually lose interest when something is "just good," and it ends up littering my car and room. But I've decided to push through and I suspect the payoff will be worth it.

2. Taking naps.

3. Discovering the depths of Itunes. I've downloaded the following songs this weekend:
-- Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Day Light by The Oak Ridge Boys.
-- Memories of East Texas by Michelle Shocked. (I read something about the power of songs with place names, and realized I didn't know of any song that spoke of East Texas. So I searched and I found this and it is GREAT. Shocked is a native of Gilmer (county seat of Upshur) and sings of learning to drive "on those East Texas red clay back roads." Check out this lyric-- "Looking back and asking myself 'what the hell did you let them break your spirit for?/ You know their lives ran in circles so small that they thought they'd seen it all/ But they couldn't make a place for a girl who'd seen the ocean.")
-- Worried Man Blues and Can the Circle Be Unbroken by Maybelle Carter.

4. Had Happy Hour on Friday then a nice evening at the Carney's hanging out with people I don't normally hang out with.

5. Today: Church, Lunch, Nap, Read, Superbowl at Holly's.

6. Intermittently throughout the week I walked Jane several times with her new training collar. I've gotten a lot of opinions about this. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. Jane is actually taking to the collar quite well. She hasn't jerked my arm since I started using it and today I think she finally figured out that it's REAL comfortable when she walks right beside me. I think it's going to be great for our relationship because I've been calling her a bitch too much lately. I mean, that IS what she is, but it's not what I meant.

It's been a great weekend, but I'm feeling a little draggy today.


tracey fields said...

OMG- you are so funny.

Katy said...

So, I didn't post on the previous entry, because I didn't see it until today. Bless the weekend because it takes me away from the Internet. Anywho, my family has a golden retriever. He's enormous, and when he was younger he pulled the damn leash like crazy. My parents took him to obediance school and they suggested a choke collar, which worked wonders on him. Now, we just say "heel" and Bentley walks right next to us.

Have you read "Marley and Me"? It's so cheesy, but I love dog books. I might have already suggested it, but if not, read it!

Sounds like the training is going well. Good to see you this weekend! I heart UBC!