Friday, July 07, 2006

Why I'm Not Blogging as Much: A Summer Update

Work Stress

I think it was Anne Lamott who first posited the question: Is life too short to be minding shit, or is life too short to be taking shit? My mental and emotional tides have vacillated from one side to the other in trying to answer this question about stuff going on at good old Barnes and Noble. To briefly fill you in...Within the course of six weeks my job has switched from being the best ever to being just another corporation that seeks to bleed the life out of the souls of individuals and communities by elevating numbers and corporate speak (read: bullshit) over the values of trust and common decency. Was that kind enough?

So when I get home from work, I'm usually trying to find something that would keep my mind off of it. There are things aplenty to help me out...

Tom's New House

My roommate has just purchased a new house and has been kind enough to let me live with him until he gets married sometime next year. It's got a lot of work to be done, so I've been, and will be, spending a lot of time doing yard work and painting and sanding floors... You know, the typical handyman type work you think of when you hear the name Craig Nash. It'll be fun stuff, though, and I'm looking forward to learning things that may be helpful if I decide to purchase a home anytime soon.

I'm sure going to miss this place on Austin Avenue, though. I've lived here 3 1/2 years and it has been a very pivotal time in my life. I think I've become a real adult in this house moreso than in any other place I've lived.

Church Stuff

As you all know we've been out of the building on Dutton since the end of October. It's been a good time to create some space from the accident and get our bearings, but it's finally about time to return. Although I haven't helped a lot, some of my time has been spent doing a little cleanup work. We will move back into the building July 16.

Creative Liturgy Project

The David Crowder Band isn't the only segment of our church that oozes talent. There's been a group of UBC'ers meeting on Wednesday nights for what we are calling the Creative Liturgy Project. The CLP is an opportunity to create a body of work that includes art, prayers, reflections, devotional writings, and songs that are written for, and are a reflection of, our corporate life of a community of faith. And my word, some of the things being shared in that group are things for the ages. I've so glad to be a part of something so meaningful.

Sno Cones on Monday Nights

Enough said

The Kids

My Monday afternoon and evenings are spent with the Lake kids and this is the anchor to my week, my greatest joy.

Me and My Gang
(Love the Rascal Flatts reference?)

I have been so fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with a group of people from church who have been my communal salvation. You know who you are, and if you don't, you should. You all make me smile and laugh and remember everything that makes the life of faith worth living. I love how one member of the group is never afraid to state the obvious: That it doesn't get any better than this.

And you don't look down on me when I can only make it a lap and a half.

Since it may be a while before I update, let me tell you what is going in my ears and through my brain.

Listening to:
Brad Paisley's Time Well Wasted. (Paisley has become my favorite artist.)
David Crowder's B Collision. (The only album that has ever reflected on an event that happened in my personal life. Extremely moving, but difficult at times to listen to.)

The Sex Lives of Cannibals
The Waco Tribune Herald


Reruns of Texas Country Reporter
The Today Show


Uncle Dan's
La Fiesta (Home of the Ultimate Margarita)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches


Kelly said...

Did you see that the guy who wrote The Sex Lives of Cannibals has a new book? I think it's called Getting Stoned with the Savages or something equally enticing. I wish I could be his friend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about work. UBC and yourself stay in my wife and my own prayers. I stumbled on your blog yesterday via Janalees, I believe. Grace and peace until all thins are new.

future__hope said...

Yes. My wife and I saw the buggies across the street at Jack-in-the-box and decided a small way we could participate in coming of the kingdom (which always seems to come in odd ways like in a crucified God) was for us to push the buggies back to HEB to help the night crew. Maybe it would allow a few minutes more with family, who knows. That is funny that you saw us. IT was also funny riding them across the street. Grac and peace.

LeAnn said...

Craig, thanks for your words. I didn't get to know you well in Waco, and that's a shame. Every time I read your blog I realize how much we have in common. Annie Lamott? Love her. Here's a question from Barbara Brown Taylor's new book:
"What's saving you?"
Give that one a think.

tracey fields said...

good post. back in waco for a couple of you want to buy my house???

Janalee said...

I'm sorry work is so shitty. You know what my advice would be on that subject. Hmm Hmm. Anyways, I am happy that you are having fun, but I miss your regular blogs. They make me feel connected to the place and more so to the people whom I still dearly love. Sorry. I am totally sappy today. See ya this weekend!