Thursday, June 29, 2006

For Annie, Lucy Grace, and Zoe Kyle...

Of all the beautiful things in the world, adoption has to be up there in the top ten.

I never had to wonder whether or not I was adopted. Walking into a Nash or Coleman family reunion was like walking into a room full of mirrors. I knew my blood flowed from the same stream as all those people.

I also never really wondered whether or not my parents loved me. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt there were times they were annoyed by me and upset with how I acted, but I always felt loved.

I think, however, many people growing up at some point have wondered whether or not they were wanted. But this question has been cut off at the source by those who have been adopted. And this, I believe, is why adoption is so beautiful and such an appropriate (albeit not altogether complete) metaphor for God's redemption of humankind. God, like an adoptive parent, has pursued us. The story of Jesus shows the great lengths God will go to get us.

Today I had the honor of attending the adoption ceremony in which Greg and Tracey Fields legally received Zoe Kyle Fields as their daughter. It was five minutes of legal mumbo jumbo, but it was so much more than that. It was five minutes of explosive meaning in the life of a little girl, a family, and a community. Coming home I shed a tear at the beauty of it all.

So Annie, Lucy Grace, Zoe Kyle, three of the most beautiful girls I know, dance for joy. You were wanted. You were pursued. You have parents and a support group who thinks you are the world.


greenISgood said...

Next time warn me before you write something like this...I was in tears by half way through - What sweets thoughts and I too raise the glass to Annie, Lucy Grace, and Zoe Kyle for bringing inexpressible irrepressible joy and goodness to us all.

amy said...

Craig, It was a pleasure finally meeting you today. Thank you for this lovely tribute to families who are made complete by the addition of one they did not create. The Fields are such a loving group, and the addition of Lucy Grace & Zoe Kyle just make that even more so!

Kyle Goen said...

Great post. I wish I could have been there to witness the event. Zoe is a beautiful little girl and what an awesome time that would have been for me. Thanks for your wonderful characterization of the Fields' family.
Proud uncle
Kyle Goen (Honored to be the middle part of Zoe Kyle)

tracey fields said...

thanks so much for being at the adoption. and thank you for your reflections...i am saving them for the girls to read one day.

Lisette said...

Very sweet, very cute, very very. If I had more stability in my life I would definitely adopt. Congrats to the lucky family!