Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Kyle...

How I celebrated Kyle's birthday...

1. Woke up and had coffee.
2. Spent an hour this morning at work.
3. Returned home for breakfast of Total cereal with blueberries.
4. Worked out and ran five miles.
5. Gave blood.
6. Had a lunch of leftover fajitas from watching the Mavs game last night.
7. Went to see Cars with Harris and Matt.
8. Read Honeymoon With My Brother for about an hour.
9. Spoke with Kyle's parents and siblings on the phone to give my love.
10. Went to Ninfa's with Jen, the kids, and about twenty other assorted UBC'ers
where I
a.) Danced with Avery, Sutton, and Jude in the restaurant foyer which
blared the mariachi music loud and clear.
b.) Distributed zerberts to the boys.
c.) Watched Avery do a cartwheel and pretended to do one myself.
d.) Consumed two Ninfarita's-- because it was Kyle's birthday, and more
e.) Also consumed cookies made by Tracey and Amanda.
11. Went to the first UBC Monday Night sno-cone trip of the summer.
12. Purchased the Cars soundtrack and Time Well Wasted by Brad Paisley.
13. Now I will go to sleep and I will most definitely sleep well.


jenA said...

what's a zerbert? I had casey make me your special margarita last night...

Matt Addington said...

a zerbert gots came into being on that amazing tv progam the cosby was the episode where rudy and vanesa are in the kitchen and vanesa is doing her homework and rudy wants to help by spelling words. she asks vanesa what z-e-r-b-e-r-t spells, of course vanesa in her smart elicy voice tells rudy it spells nothing.

dr. cosby enters the room and rudy asks him what it spells. there is a pause and he comes up with zerbert. and then proceeds to demonstrate what this actually is a sort of kiss made on the side of the check or any other body part deemed appropriate made by putting the lips together and blowing.

EL MOL said...

beautiful . . . two margaritas on the rocks