Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Here's a funny story that happens to me about once a month. While in my car the other day I was scanning through the radio for something to listen to. I stopped at this catchy little tune that I started singing along with. It was all sort of semi-subconscious because I ended up stopping and asking myself, "Who is this and how do I know the words to this song?" After a few more lines I realized I was singing along to "Wholly Yours" by the David Crowder Band, those rascally folks who lead worship at my church.

All that was a segue into this interesting little tidbit that requires your attention and action. The David Crowder Band has been nominated for MSN's Artist of the month. Go HERE and vote for them. (Thank goodness neither Brad Paisley or Dierks Bentley are up for the nomination. Oh, what a moral dilemma that would create.)