Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So I guess my blog has been kind of a drag lately. I guess I should work my way out of this funk with something I haven't done in a while... A FREE THOUGHT-FLOW BULLETED POST!

-- It's hot here in Waco. 106 Degrees yesterday and supposed to be the same today. But then again, it is Central Texas in July, so I guess I'm really just stating the obvious. It's supposed to be hot here. That's normal.

-- Speaking of normal... I've coined a new phrase for how things are going at work. "Weird is the new normal." And this is true. Find the easiest way to do things, the thing that makes the absolute best sense, and then avoid that way at all costs, opting instead for the thing that makes the least amount of sense. That's how things are at good ol' Barnes and Noble these days.

-- Speaking of ol' Barnes and Noble. I've decided I'm going to start speaking a new language. It's about time I began the practice of what I have avoided for years which is speaking Corporate Bullshit. Instead of saying "Can I talk to you about something?," I will now be saying "Can we partner together and try to establish some synergy to complete this task?" Instead of saying "This is a problem we need to address," I will now be saying "We have some opportunities ahead of us in fulfilling company initiatives." I'll be the Regional Manager before you know it.

-- Speaking of Manager. Some of you know I was up for a promotion and I didn't get it. It sucks for me but the disappointment is made a little better by the fact that the person who beat me out for the job is someone I like and respect tons.

-- I've been way to busy to do anything lately, but I need to start packing to get ready to make the move. I'm going to miss this place. Look for a future post about how much I will miss this place.

-- There are tons of parties being planned for the next couple of weeks. Carney has a birthday coming up and next week appears to be a big weeklong sendoff for Harris. Tomorrow after naptime (the twin's, not mine) I'll be picking the boys up and we are going out for boys night at Ninfa's with some of the guys from UBC. This makes it imperative that I stay on top of my running. I ran four miles Monday and planned to do the same yesterday, but after the second mile I started seeing spots because of the heat so I headed home. Today I'll rest and try to do four again tomorrow.

-- Speaking of which, I made the decision last week that I will be running in the White Rock marathon in December. After training for the Bearathon I decided NOT to try for a marathon because it took up too much time, but at this point I feel it's something I need to do. So I'll see you on the road!

-- I finally did what many of you have encouraged me to do, I submitted something to Relevant. I just submitted it to their online publication to try to get something out there. I edited the This is Our Story post and sent it in, so we'll see what happens.

-- That's all I've got for now. I'm about to be late for work.


Tori said...

Yay for Relevant submissions! Seeing your words show up on that website is one of the best feelings ever. I can't wait to see it.

The Table Guy said...

Christy and I just finished talking about how talented you are and how you needed to start working towards getting your stuff out there.


Amanda said...

Sorry about the Manager job- they don't know what they are missing out on! And I love the corporate speak- too funny

Tom said...

WOW- I got some good laughs at the corporate speak! I can definitely relate with that!

Congrats on the decision to train of the marathon. Its brutal, but by far one of my best experiences in life (and some the attempts might be some of my worst, but that's neither here, nor there - just focus on the finish line!)