Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day...

I've literally been busy the past few days doing nothing in particular. Nothing in particular is what has kept me from writing.

I had the greatest date ever for Valentines day and I challenge anyone in the entire world to top it. Don't even try, you can't. Instead of Kyle and Jen going out and getting a babysitter to watch the kids at home, I took Avery, Sutton, and Jude out on a date to the Barnes and Noble Kids Department and to Chic-Fil-A for some play time on the jungle gym while the parents had a romantic dinner at home. Lot's of cry stopping and snot wiping went on in my world tonight. This would have been a perfect night for me to lament the fact that I'm a third of the way there without a significant other. But the chaos of loving those three kids made that self pity a bit too inconvenient for me on this particular day.

I ate my dinner while I watched the kids play in the play room. I'm not sure if you've seen these play gyms kids are doing their business with these days, but they are freaking HUGE! They're as safe as all get out with about four feet of padding in between any possible surface that could injure, but the thing goes up about a mile into the air. Avery and Sutton had no problem climbing up the steps but Jude, whose legs are just a smidgen shorter than Sutton's, was having problems. Before long, however, he had discovered a way to use the safety netting on the borders of the contraption to leverage his tiny little body up the steps. I swear to you right now that I have never in my life seen anything so cute. He had all the adults who were watching in stitches. He had no clue he was the center of attention which made it that much cuter.

On the way home I stopped by H-E-B for some groceries. It was about 10:30 p.m. and there was a guy in the store buying a rose and a Valentines card. I saw him head to the checkout line and stop in his tracks, realizing he forgot something. Thirty seconds later I saw him walk back to the line, flower and Valentines Card were joined by a case of Coors Lite. This guy was going home to my kind of woman.

Hope things are well on that side of your screen.

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