Sunday, February 27, 2005

Here's my blog...

-- I'm still displaced from the computer I normally use, and I'm starting to get used to it. I really need to invest in one of those things you people call "laptops." Our store missed plan by like one billionths of a percent last year, so I'm not sure if a raise is in the future that will make that possible. I could be for the best, though. I've been doing a lot of reading lately and have slept better than normal. I'm sure the lack of computer stimulation has something to do with that.

-- Over the past couple of weeks I have had my fair share of the twins sneezing in my face unnanounced. Somewhere along the way the infected mucus from their lungs made it into mine, and I feel as if my lungs are full. I'm not coughing, but the need is always there. At the present moment I'm bombarding my system with Halls Vitamin C Drops, Riccola Cough Drops, Robutussin Cough Medicine, and this stuff called Vicam that you rub with a cotton swab on the inside of your nose.

-- When I finish this post I'm going to a surprise birthday party for Tim in Killeen. Someone already told him about it (not me) so It's not really a surprise. Some German restaurant. Tim is German.

-- This Thursday is the second annual UBC Skate Night, and I'm excited. Last year at skate night I weighed 284, was miserable, and woke up the next morning determined to get in shape. This year at skate night I will weigh somewhere around 224 (depending on how fattening German food is.)

-- Because of Tim's party I have to miss the Oscars tongight. Oh, well. Out of all the nominated movies and actors I've only seen "Ray" and have heard Jamie Foxx is a shoe in.

-- This Tuesday night is an exciting one for my hometown-- the season premier of "Nashville Star," which is kind of an "American Idol" for country singers. One of the finalists is Josh Owen who is a local legend. He's only just out of high school (my dad substitute taught him and let him play his guitar in class if everyone finished their work quietly,) but has been singing since he was three. When he was a kid he was on Star Search and the Arsenio Hall show. He was just a kid when I was in high school, but I was friends with his older brother, Scott. I taught Scott how to read music who, in turn, taught me to play the bass guitar. Last I heard Scott is a guitarist in Josh's band. Their dad also put up the fence in our back yard. Let's pray for Josh to win Nashville Star so I can have my claim to fame. Past winners were Gary Allan and Buddy Jewell, two singers who have had huge hits on the radio. One of the runners up last season was Miranda Lambert, with whom I used to go to church with and hang out with her family at their place. I'll introduce you as long as you don't embarrass me.

-- Later.

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