Wednesday, February 23, 2005

In Case You've Been Wondering...

I'm still here. For some reason the internet hasn't been working at our house so I've been checking email and such at church and at the public library. Let's just say the public library is an interesting place to be. I've run into every imaginable type of person here. I think I might start hanging out.

I finished the introduction and first chapter of the book this weekend. So far I've shared it with two people and have received two thumbs up. Now I need to find someone random who has nothing at stake in shredding my stuff to pieces to see how it really is.

Monday I woke up, stood up, and fell over. Stood up again, fell right over. I finally gained a sense of balance and went about my day, but my head was spinning all day and something just didn't feel right. Ran 4 miles after work. When I got home and took a shower I laid down on the couch. After about an hour of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and my first ever full hour viewing of "American Idol," (I could have shot myself,) I decided I would stand up, walk around the corner to get a BBQ sandwich from Michna's before I came back home to watch a very special episode of "7th Heaven." (I'm determined to become reacquainted and emotionally attached to those Camdens before they go off the air this season.) When I stood up I promtly fell over. So instead of Michna's and "7th Heaven" I went to bed at 8:00 and slept until 7:00 on Tuesday morning.

Long story short... more head spinning, more dizziness. Jen Lake took me to the doctor who said I had Vertigo, it should go away on it's own, here's some medicine for the dizzyness.

The medicine has made me drowsy and extremely irritable today, but I at least has a sense of balance.

This would be the perfect place to insert a life lesson about balance, but I'm sitting in the public library and there's some scary people around, making it hard to come up with a life lesson. So I'll just say this: Be balanced.

After wondering if I should write anything else I just turned my head to the left and realized I'm sitting right next to the newspapers that have been placed on the poles. You know the poles I'm talking about? I think they are so no one steals the newspaper. I really don't think they have anything to worry about.

Hope your world is balanced and cool and all that jazz.

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