Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Rhythym of a Line of Idle Days...

Deep within me for the past few days has been a desire to write and yet those weak parts of me who would have that desire fade away has won in head to head competition.

Until now.

But even now it probably has the upper hand.

At the end of the day you've got the good stuff and the bad stuff and the neutral stuff to put in your bank for the day. Today there's been a little of both for me, some of which with remain in the fault.

There's not many things that can erase the sheer frustration of having your car window smashed in by a rock or a b.b. or something like that and of the financial needs it will require.

Not many, but I guess there are some. The first would be cleaning out a few things from the freezer to make room for the first batch of soup you've ever made and finding a small travel size bottle of the great German miracle concoction named JaegerMeister that will be consumed shortly after the typing of the last period on this post.

Secondly and utmost would be the viewing of the second-ever episode of "Ed" and falling in love all over again with the town and ideals of Stuckeyville.

I could bitch, but I won't.

I've got stories to tell. I hope to tell.

Good night.

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