Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Old Rugged Cross...

I was just on campus (the Baylor campus, that is) to meet Kyle for lunch and saw with my two eyes what I've been hearing about for over a year now-- the guy carrying the cross. I'll tell you, I was NOT expecting that cross to be as big. It's HUGE!! The guy was crossing the street (ha, ha) with his cross and I think I almost had a wreck from staring at it in disbelief that I've finally seen it. I could give my commentary on it, but I'll save a judgemental post for another day when I've feeling, well, judgemental. Today is too pretty for that.

On my way back I heard that "Yeah!" Usher song and if you told me you hear that and don't want to get out of your car and start dancing I'll call you a liar, because that's what you are.

I'm off to work right now. Rarely do I dread going to work. Some days I'm indifferent but most days I look forward to being there. Today is the latter.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. The other night I bought the latest Rascal Flatts CD. I'm not that impressed. But I wasn't initially impressed with the first two albums of theirs either, but both of them grew on me. I'm expecting this to do the same.


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