Saturday, December 18, 2004


It's a week until Christmas and it feels like it because most everyone is either leaving town or prepararing to do so. It seems this has been my lot since being at ETBU. I generally stay in the town I reside until Christmas Eve, which has been spent for the last 9 or so years (I really can't remember how long) with some very close friends from a church I used to work at. Christmas day is at home, then return to place of residence. My jobs usually have not been conducive to take long breaks during the holidays, and this year is no different.

Last night I had a wonderful Christmas evening with the Lake's. Went to Ninfa's, back to their place, exchanged gifts and watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Had you forgotten, as I had, how freaking incredible that is? The simplicity of the Christmas story is breathtaking.

Tomorrow is a going away party for Tracey, who will be going away to D.C. after the holidays for an internship. She will be staying with my friend, and Aaron's sparring partner, Luke's family.

Sunday is church and taking Jason to the airport.

Sometime next week I plan on cooking lunch for Tim's family, who is in town for the holidays from Germany.

Every day until the 24th will be spent at work for at least 8 hours. Hopefully I'll be able to keep a decent workout schedule. Should be easier after Sunday, when everyone leaves town.

Remind me to tell you about Christmas in Marshall, 1996, Pizza Hut, and driving through the lights. Can't do it now, too tired and have to be at work early.

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