Monday, December 20, 2004

Holding Pattern...

-- There's about a half dozen things I've wanted to write about over the past few days. Unfortunately, by the time I get home from work and my daily activities I am just too drained to write.

-- I don't work any more during the holidays than during the rest of the year (other than the fact that I work more consecutive days.) But the stress of one Christmas-Season-Day is equal to an entire weeks stress during the year.

-- Because people are stupid and holidays bring out more stupid people.

-- "I'm looking for a blue book that has 'ground' in the title."

-- (In a yelling voice,) "You had the book last week!" "Yes, m'am, I know. But sometimes we have people come in and actually buy our books."

-- (On the phone,) "Yes, ummm, there's a book that I was wondering if you could possibly...." (What I want to say,) "Dammit you son of a bitch, we are an effing BOOKSTORE! Yes I can find your damn book if we have it but cut that 'yes, ummm, i was wondering' shit out and tell me the name of the book you want for chrissake."

-- Sometimes conversations with old friends can be just as draining as a day at work.

-- Sometimes conversations with friends can breathe new life into your world.

-- I had weird dreams last night. I think they call them stress dreams.

-- I was hiking in the snow with people I work with (Myles, Kelly, John Warren, and others,) when I realized that we were close to the North Pole. We passed a house that I assumed belonged to Santa. I made the comment about how excited I was to see the North Pole. I then asked someone how much further it would be until we got there and they said about 126 miles, and I said 126 miles? Shi-ut, I aint walking no 126 miles just to see the doddamned North Pole. (If you are the language police, this paragraph doesn't count. It was a dream.

-- Well, Got to get dressed for another day.

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