Monday, December 20, 2004

After a Long Day...

I got the call that Kyle and Jen needed a babysitter because they didn't want to take the kids to dinner with the staff for their Christmas night out, so I reluctantly agreed and sighed "I guess I can do it just this once."

When I knocked on the garage door I heard Jen yell into the boys room "Boys! Craig's here!" From the other end of the house I could faintly hear Jude yelling something. It got more and more clear as he got closer and closer to the door. He was screaming "Craig's home! Craig's home!"

And I was and it made my day.

Today I had to remind myself that those idiot customers are really just people who have others in their life that they love deeply, as I love Jude, and are looking for ways to say "I love you," and that's why they are stressing out because it's probably only once a year that they actually tell those people "I love you," and they want to get it right this time.

So, even though my nerves were shot today, I tried to extend a little more grace to the little old lady who made me pull down every single Children's Dictionary for her to look at, only to get the first one I showed her.

And I told my friends I loved them.

And I am telling my friends that I love you.

I love you.


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