Friday, August 27, 2004

Thoughts Written Down Before Work...

-- I've had good response lately for my non-paragraphical (or is it parenthetical) posts.
-- So I'm doing it again.
-- I like approval.
-- I'm tearing through "Mystic River" right now. It's the first book I've read before I've seen the movie.
-- It is very intense. So much so that my dreams over the past two nights have been much more vivid and alive.
-- I would say that makes for a good book.
-- Why is it ok for John Kerry to come home from Vietnam and immediately accuse his fellow vets of rape, torture, and murder (while they were still in danger,) but not ok for his fellow vets to question his service over 30 years after the fact?
-- I think both sucks. But only one of the previous groups are getting crap for it.
-- I've realized lately that there is nothing to look forward to.
-- When you're young, you're always looking forward to something.
-- Me, I'm just continuing.
-- When I leave work today I'll drive as far down the parking lot toward Linens 'N Things and the gas station before I get on Waco drive.
-- That makes it easier to squeeze in, due to the line of cars waiting for the red light.
-- I'll do that today because that's what I always do.
-- It's my thing.
-- I've got several things.
-- I'll come home for lunch, check email, blogs, news, go sit down in front of the tv and either watch it or take a nap in front of it, then grab a bite to eat before I go back to work.
-- That's also my thing.
-- One day soon I'll tell you more of my things.
-- But right now I must go to work.
-- Have a blessed day.

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