Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I Need a Hobby...

You want to know who impresses me? People who do stuff. They impress me. If you are in the business of doing stuff, I'm genuinely impressed. You are my hero.

I've been watching the Olympics off and on. The marquee event on NBC lately has been swimming. Have you seen this? I could look up the fancy terminology, but my comments come down to one statement: Those muh fuh's are FAST! I watch Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe race and the only thoughts I have are "Wow. Fast," and "Wouldn't it suck to have an erection in those tight outfits in front of all those people."

Tonight I (a heterosexual,) and my friend Jason(also a heterosexual,) watched gymnastics. Man, you should see all the stuff those little girls do. They were doing all this stuff and the only thing we could say was "Wow. Did you see that? With the, and the, and the no hands thing, and spinning around in the air, with, like, no hands....... AWE-SOME."

Christy was painting cool things for her Community Leaders. I was very impressed. The stuff she was doing was very artistic. Artistic stuff is good stuff. All I could say was "Wow. That's cool. With the..., and the, like, colors and stuff. And the, you know, with good handwriting. That's some good stuff."

Aaron and Myles and Keith do really cool stuff with their minds. They write stuff down and I'm very impressed. They believe stuff and know how to communicate that stuff to others. It's really cool.

My roommate Tom runs like, I don't know, eighty, ninety, miles in the rain and calls it his "short run." His stuff is hard. He does stuff that makes me lose my breath.

Jen raises eight or nine kids, keeps the Lake house spotless, and finds time to, like Christy, do artistic stuff. I'm very impressed by all the stuff she does.

Jason does ministry stuff. I used to could do cool ministry stuff like he does, but I don't think I could do it. He's really good at the stuff he does. (Yeah, I really think you are.)

For over twenty years my sister has written at least a letter a week to missionaries who have birthdays. She hasn't missed a week. Ever. That's some neat stuff right there.

I don't do enough stuff.

Don't pity me. I know, I know. I'm good at stuff. People. Politics. Books. Television. But I don't see that as doing stuff. Maybe it is, who knows.

So here's what I'm thinking. I'm going to become an actor. Waco has a Civic Theater and they take auditions from the public, and I'm going to audition.

My dream of being an actor goes way back to around 5:00 this evening when I heard an interview on NPR with Phylicia Rashad (Clair Huxtable,) who is in a play right now. They played clips of her performance and, wow. It was....so....cool. So the stuff I'm about to do is acting stuff. I'm also about to start writing a script for a sitcom. But after that, I'm going to become an actor.

This morning I considered becoming a synchronized diver, but, you know... the erection thing. So, an actor it is.

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