Thursday, August 26, 2004

Random Thoughts in Response Ben's Last Post and the Sojourners Cartoon...

-- I am a Christian.
-- This November, I will be voting for George W. Bush.
-- Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are Christians.
-- This November they will be voting for George W. Bush.
-- I cannot stand Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell.
-- Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell believe that God has ordained the presidency of George W. Bush.
-- I think that's a sack of shit.
-- I'm still voting for George W. Bush.
-- It's clear that Sojourners, while seeking to present an image of bipartisanship, is trying to steer more moderate-to-left leaning Christians in the direction of John Kerry.
-- They do this by implying an "either/or" mentality that people accuse Bush of exploiting.
-- EITHER you want to elimate poverty in the way we think you should do it OR you don't care about the poor.
-- EITHER you care about the environment in the same way we care about the environment OR you hate the environment and want to rape the earth.
-- EITHER you want peace to occur by using our methods, OR you hate peace and love war and violence.
-- EITHER you support John Kerry, OR you are a follower of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and will support Bush because they told you to.

-- I don't mind people being bipartisan and open minded.
-- I hate people pretending to be bipartisan and open minded.

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