Tuesday, August 31, 2004

How My Week's Going...

This has been an extremely hectic week at work. September through January in retail is packed full of changes. Projects continually pile up that have to get done by tomorrow, but can't get done until project 'x' gets done, which can't get done until coworker 'y' get's finished with project 'q.' It gets very confusing. I spent the whole day taking books off of one table. One table, I tell you.

On top of work stuff this is the first week of Sunday School and Community groups. Since I'm co-leading one of each, I've been busy with beginning of semester logistics stuff. We had a wonderful group on Sunday for Messy Spirituality. It seems like there are tons of people who are standing in the same place I am spiritually, which is to say after a few years of questioning and reconsidering and attacking and modifying and grieving over what was lost, and now asking the question "What now?" I'm excited with the possibility of finding out.

Sunday night I finished "Mystic River." What a powerful look into human nature. Had someone lend me the movie today, but probably won't get to see it until at least Thursday of this week.

On top of the busy work week and church stuff, the Republican National Convention is going on. And I'm missing most of it because of busy-ness. Kind of ironic that I got to see most of the Democratic Convention and little of the Republican. You know, because I'm a Republican.

I'm out of stuff. I know some of you probably read for insightful stuff, which I used to write more of. But I'm at a point where I need to wade back through the circumstantial perfunctories before I have anything real to share.



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