Saturday, May 13, 2006

One Day...

I have been profoundly affected by One Day.

One Day I will own a house. This house will be big enough for my wife and children, but with little extra space to spare. In the back of the house will be a garden, for One Day I will be one who grows at least some of my own food. I will not, One Day, be one who plants a couple of turnips, quotes a little Wendell Berry, and feel good about myself for becoming one with the land, because I'll still rely on H-E-B to make me that good roasted salsa.

One day I will wake up in the middle of the night for no other reason than to watch her sleep. I'll gently move her hair out of her face so I can see it all. If One Day this should cause her to wake up, then so be it. We all know what happens when two people are awake. If she doesn't wake up, that's ok as well. It'll be a treat just to watch her sleep.

One Day I'll learn how to get this whole God thing down, without all the self-consciousness and self-referential arrogance that has accompanied me all these years. I'll pray because the inertia of my being will allow me to do nothing else and, One Day, I'll sing and it will sound as good to everyone else as it does to me. One Day I will see God as more than just the stamp of validation for all I hold dear, for One Day I will realize God as the all I hold dear.

As Michael Tolcher sings, One Day we'll laugh about it like we knew what all was happening. We will, One Day, finally be in on the joke. We will then, One Day, laugh and laugh as friends laugh at ordinary things because they are just plain ordinary.

I have been profoundly affected by One Day. (What did you think I was talking about?)


The Table Guy said...

I bet that day will be better than thousands elsewhere.

Craig said...

Amen, brother.

And Amen.

greenISgood said...

One day, I'll be as good a writer as Craig is today.....but then he'll already be published and 100x's better than me by then anyway.....

Matt Addington said...

so i know this really has nothing to do with this post but it might work with the previous UBC post So about this whole UBC and not being fed thing...totally a lie. Last night i ate some craig home cookin...amazing. it was one of those meals that you have no choice but to eat way too much of. not that anyone elses meals have been bad they have all been so freaking good...its just that this was something that my grandmaw would have made. craig thanks again when you do get a house invite me cause i wanna come eat your food.

cant wait to eat the leftovers tonight

thanks again

Singleton said...

Well I certainly thought this was all going to be about the Passion One Day Conferences and how a good talking-to from Kirk Cameron changed your life and perspective on stuff. Boy was I wrong.

What do people do when they are both awake? Tell me! Please, tell me!

Craig- I can't wait to be in on the joke because I, for one, don't see what's so damn funny about all this and I don't understand what everyone is laughing at.

Michelle said...

"One Day"s are great. They are, I cherish them when I ride my bike or am on a long bus ride to work.

But One Days are tricky. Sometimes they suck you in and all you can think about are those One Days.

ToDays are great too. For instance, the weather outside today. I don't know what it is like in Waco, but here in Austin, it is glorious. That makes ToDay sweet. Or the friends and wonderful network you have, that makes ToDay even sweeter.

I have no doubt you notice the ToDays. I have no doubt when you walk outside ToDay, you will notice the cool wind and warm sunshine on your face. But be careful, my friend, One Days can be a trap.

Luckily, you are probably smarter than me and can tell that trap to go to hell.

Hope all is well.

Michelle Gold

Anonymous said...

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