Thursday, May 25, 2006

I officially became a New-Agey kook today. Or perhaps a Buddhist. Someone who believes there's something in the stars or the universe that can either smile or frown on you depending on it's mood. That's what I became, someone like that. It happened around the time work started. That's when I became a kooky New Agey Buddhist who believes the universe frowns on me. I'd love to give an itemized list, but I'll just say this was the shittiest day I've had in a long time.

I need a hug.
And some hard liquor.
I'm about to go to bed and tonight it will be some George Jones that will sing me to sleep.


Aaron said...

Sorry to hear that. I've had similar days recently.

If it's any consolation, I am hugging the screen right now.

Ifoundbobbyfisher said...

We've never met, but I've read your blog via Singleton's blog... and let me pour you a tall one. Sleep well tired soldier

Singleton said...

C-Nash... things will be better.

or shold i say

things will be better?

Let's eat food together sometime really soon.

ben said...

blog comment hug from africa!!!

Craig said...

thanks to everyone, but wow... thanks especially to the blog hug from africa! glad y'all are having fun, but ready for y'all to be back.

Luke Smith said...

Dear Craig,
I would hug you too except I am not very "touchy feely". But alas I hope it brings some comfort to know you are in my thoughts. You have been a mighty encouraging brother in times of great pain.


Anonymous said...

So it's not from Africa, but here's a hug nonetheless.

Tori said...

So that last comment was from me. I hit the wrong button. As a general rule, I'm against anonymity while commenting on blogs.

Anonymous said...

A Big German hug for what its worth!

Melissa said...

technically buddhists don't believe there is someone or something in the stars that affects your life depending on its mood. :p

I empathize with you and The Shittiest Day. I wish you a nice hot toddy and a quiet evening at home, followed by the knowledge that no matter how crappy a day is, it WILL be over soon and a new day begins.

And if nothing else, think about all those dweebs hugging their monitors and imagining that it's you, and let yourself grin a little over the mental image.

Melissa P. said...

We were watching the Mavs vs. Suns game here in Arlington with some new friends and I asked, "Why did the Mavs trade Craig Nash?" Haha... I didn't even realize what I said until Mike repeated my question. We're thinking of you too! (:

harris said...

i second singleton's request: let's eat food together soon.