Friday, September 24, 2004

The Week Behind...

It's Friday night and what else would you expect such a good looking, charismatic, intelligent, charming All-American boy such as myself to be doing except for writing on my blog? Oh yeah, it's on the edge living for me.

It's been a busy week and a busy (I go to a "college" church, so I can say this and not feel weird) semester. I'm leading two groups at church and doing a lot of pre-holiday setup at work and, of course, trying to run or workout every day (that's me, Mr. Physical Fitness) and it's all making for a tired, although happy, Craig. It's fall-asleep-before-head-hits-pillow type tiredness.

I'm finally over the sickness that plagued me last week. Doctor said it was a sinus infection, gave me prescriptions that broke the bank but began working about a day after the last antibiotic was given.

Two entertainment related nuggets to share with you.

1. This was the week Keith Urban's new album "Be Here" hit the shelves, and I got my copy yesterday. This guy is amazing. I was brought to tears by "These are the Days," which tells of wisdom passed down from his grandmother, then moves into a mantra-like chorus, then finished off by the bridge from "Days go By." It's going on a year since my grandmother passed away, so it was especially poignant.

My grandma was a wise old soul
Took me by the hand not long ago
Said, "Son, what's your hurry, boy slow it down
Taste the wild honey, listen to the sound
Of the wind that's blowin' through the trees
Rivers flowing to the sea
Yeah, they're all heading home just like you and me
Life's for living child, can't you see?"
These are the days we will remember
These are the times that won't come again
The highest of flames become an ember
And you gotta live them while you can
These are the days we will remember
These are the days we will remember
These are the days we will remember
These are the days we will remember
So take 'em by the hand, they're yours and mine
Take 'em by the hand and live your life
Take 'em by the hand don't let 'em all fly by
It's much more moving hearing than reading lyrics, I know. But I felt the need. What can I say?
2. I think I may have a new show. Tonight I watched the season premiere of "Joan of Arcadia." I've had people tell me to watch it several times, but I've refused. I suspected, knowing the premise, that it was going to be a bit too "Touched by an Angel"-esque. Nothing wrong with "Touched by an Angel," but I've already got a secret watch by myself show where I hope no one comes in and catches me crying like a baby and that show is 7th Heaven. But, not having anything else to do on a Friday, I watched Joan and loved it. I'm sure it's not Christian enough for some (read Aaron,) because there's no talk of TULIP or the exclusivity of Jesus or an alter call at the end of the show. Nevertheless, there was some good sound struggling with serious spiritual shit (lot of s's make for difficult read,) and I liked it and I'm watching it damnit.
Got to work tomorrow so got to go to bed now. Here's hoping you are found by rest, life, love, and friends this weekend.

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