Sunday, September 05, 2004

Creating Space...

I really have nothing to say. But for the past couple of days I've been tired of logging onto my blog and seeing a post about abortion and knowing that behind the comments button are conversations that, while appearing civil, are so deep and personal that one can't help but think of "war" when one reads them.

So this is my attempt at a nice post.

That's another one of my things. I like to stir up emotional discussions, then retreat into "nice Craig" mode to appear "above the fray." It's worthy of being called a fault. So I'm calling myself on it, so as to appear self aware.

Alright, you want bullets? You get bullets....

-- Tons of hamburgers leftover from having my Sunday School class over for lunch. Come over this week if you get hungry. Luke, should I save one for you?
-- Something about fall makes me a reading fool. Summertime brings a decreased interest in it. I guess that when you spend the first 25 years of your life in school (my mom took me to playschool quickly after birth) the pattern becomes ingrained-- fall is for study.
-- Still reading Marsden's biography of Jonathan Edwards. Probably will be for a while, since my pace is only around 20 pages a day.
-- Man have I been eating this weekend. Time to get back on the healthy train tomorrow.
-- This evening I went out for a walk and felt like I was walking with my grandmother in Carthage again because it was humid and the sun had set but there was still some light and the crickets were making that continous sound.
-- That made me thing of one of her (my grandmother's) things: She had a microwave but never once used it. It's purpose? A storage unit for bread.
-- Much more to say, but..... getting....sleepy.
-- I love all of you. Well, most of you. Those that read that are my friends, I love y'all. If you are a random reader, it's not that I don't love you. It's just that, well, you know. I'd like to know you a little before I love you a little.

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