Monday, September 06, 2004

Ha, Ha, God, REAL Funny....

So I woke up this morning, the first day of the week I turn 30, and what do my wondering eyes find? God, in his providential, pure, unrelenting and unquestionable-less-you- face- the-pits-of-hell, Calvinistic Sovereignty, placed two pimples on my face, both equidistant and on opposing sides of my nose. Almost 30 and afflicted with the problems of adolescence.

I suppose I deserve it. Cooking over flames and smoke yesterday for friends, sweating, and my face being manhandled by the dirty, sticky, altogether holy, hands of two year olds will provide ample bacteria, I suppose. But the trade off is well worth it. I'll take a bout of adult acne any day if it means I can spend time with friends and have Avery, my four year old buddy, look at me and say "Craig, you're so silly."

And you know what, I guess I am. Silly enough to believe that God is good and that saying that no longer has to mean what it used to mean. Silly enough to pretend I was in a music video tonight as I was running with music blaring in my headphones. Silly enough to love a ragtag group of people who are on our way, have lost our way, are finding our way, and holding each other's hands in the process.

Spreading bacteria that produces zits, but finding our way nonetheless.

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