Friday, October 23, 2009

Coming Together...

I discovered this morning that the center of political discourse on the earth resides neither in Washington, New York, London, nor in any of the other usual suspected places, but rather at the McDonalds near Baylor University on I-35.

The restaurant was full, and Fox News was on the big screen. You could feel the tension in the room as about half the people were visibly annoyed, the other visibly enjoyed. Finally, someone tipped their hat and made some comment about something one of the anchors said, which set off a brief heated argument about something or the other.

But a realization of decor set in and each elderly combatant retreated back to his coffee and Egg McMuffin.

Then the news turned to news of the election in Afghanistan. At the mention of Karzai's runoff opponent, Abdullah Abdullah, the entire place came together in uproarious laughter.

"Abdullah Abdullah! Now THAT'S FUNNY!"

I'm glad we can find common ground in something.