Monday, August 06, 2007


I've left incomplete information in bits and pieces over the summer as to my living situation, but the flow of my thoughts have never led to a full explanation. I've realized this over the past few weeks as I've received around a half-dozen emails (and notes on my various social-networking sites) congratulating me on being a first time homeowner. So I guess it's time I caught everyone up on where I'm laying my head.

Last week ended over four years of perhaps the most humorous roommate relationship in UBC history. The cause for chuckle was the fact that Tom and I almost seemed to be in a continuous competition to see who could know the absolute least about the other's whereabouts and life activities. Two stories highlight this--

A party a couple of years ago at our place over on Austin was held and the theme was a Luau. A good time was had by all and toward the end the comment was made by Beth that she had to hurry up and get packing. My obvious question was "Where are you going?," which caused uproarious laughter to ensue. Not seeing the humor in the question, I looked around dumbfounded. I was then informed that a trip to Hawaii was about to occur, the next day, and everyone knew about it but me.

Kyle and I were having lunch at my place and he asked me how Tom was enjoying his new car. "Tom has a new car?" Kyle shook his head, the way he did, and said "Nuh-uh," also the way he did, in sheer disbelief that my roommate could have owned a new car for over two weeks and everyone at church knew about it except for me.

Anyway, it was a great run, but all good things must come to an end. I'm now renting a place on Washington Ave. that I'll be sharing with some guys for the next academic year. It's an old large house that has quite the history, a big front porch for congregating, and a large side yard for playing. The cast of characters include a couple of Baylor undergrads (UBC'ers,) a couple of new Truett students, and a guy in his early 30's who is probably way to old to be living the way he does. Oh, and a bitch. (My dog Jane.)

In the meantime, I AM looking at finally owning a home in this great city. The next ten months will be me preparing for that next big step.

I'm waiting for everyone to get in town before I put down the money for cable and internet at the house, so my posting may be as sporadic as it has been for the past few days.

To all of you who keep up with me through my blog, thanks. It makes me feel good when I hear from you.


Tom said...

Wait a second... you moved out? When did that happen?

Erin said...

my favorite "craig's house" story would be new year's eve 2003 when you passed out on your lawn, face down and spread eagle. the next morning at church you swore you remembered the night's events, but when i asked you if you remembered brian (phil's tattoo artist) coming up behind you, asking if you were "ready for some nasty man lovin'," your eyes grew wide with fear. i assured you that nothing actually came of the comment, but it remains one of my favorite stories to date.

Craig said...

Erin, I know not of what you refer.
(And I prefer to tell that I "fell asleep earlier, and in a differnt location, than expected" rather than "passed out.")

Melissa P. said...

Hey Craig,

Good luck getting situated with your new roomies... we're saving up for a house too! Thanks for checking in and as always, your blog is a fun place to take a break and chill.