Friday, August 24, 2007


I have connectivity! After a couple of days frustrated that the house had wireless but my computer was not cooperating, one of the new roommates, Rock and Roll Hero Brian Patterson, helped me get set up. So I am now ready to resume regular blogging.

It's been an interesting, and interestingly complicated and busy, few days. Truth is, I'm exhausted physically and emotionally. Things are good and I've got to wear shades, all that jazz, but man, I could use a vacation.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Dallas for a welcome home party for the Edwardses, and am really looking forward to seeing them and Robert. Sunday, McLaren is speaking at church, I have my fantasy football draft, and have commited myself to having all my stuff out of the old house by then. After all that, I'm hoping to find some sense of normalcy, whatever that means.

And time. Here's something cool. My friend Jonathan Reynolds has demanded that I have the first draft of a book to him by Christmas, or he'll no longer be my friend. Losing friends is the worse, so here I go, trying to do the book thing again. Let's see where that takes me.

Anyway, good to be back full time in cyber-world. Hope to see you soon...

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