Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007...

From the North
The cold blew in
On the middle day
Remembering, Waiting
Still riddled with sin

Yet under these trees
All dusted with snow
Bodies frozen in place
Yet hearts all aglow

The warmth of The Risen
Fills cracks and the holes
Daylight is coming
This daylight we know

From the East
The Hope blew west
Leaving has left
Dying is dead

(the following poem I wrote for easter last year.)

Easter 2006...

they spent three years with Him
a thousand sunrises
but yesterday
the sun rose to find darkness
and the darkness stood it's ground

today should be the same
perhaps ten thousand, maybe more
without Him, will they return
to their boats, long forgotten
on that lonely shore?

some left early to do their chores
most lay silent to chart their course

in the distance-- a duet of tears and running feet
coming closer, coming closer

out of breath, out of mind
they share the news, they share the time

He sees from a distance their bewilderment
and He smiles that smile, and he waits for them

He cooks the fish, He breaks the bread
He can't stop laughing, he shakes his head

in His mind the only words, are a silly, incredulous
"So, how's this for closure?"

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