Monday, April 23, 2007

Baylor. Ridiculous , but totally predictable...

It's been almost six years since I finished my brief tenure as an employee of Baylor University. The disdain for the university I had when I left has slowly dwindled into nothing more than passive indifference with occasional flourishes of slightly positive feelings, brought on by the tangential connections I have due to my church. But my ire was renewed today when I learned what is probably old news to many of my readers, that Byron Weathersbee, the guy who has been the interim Baylor chaplain for a couple of years now and has been credited with establishing a spirit of health and vibrancy to the program, has been passed over for the position in favor of someone whose qualifications are more in line with the Great Manifesto-- Baylor 2012. In short, clinging tightly to a lofty ideology written solely to increase "prestige" has taken precedence, once again, over the time tested virtues of loyalty and commitment.

Educational institutions, and those whose rhythms are similar, can get away with this nonsense, because of the knowledge that in four years those who raise the most stink about it, namely students, will be somewhere else doing other things while a new crop of youngsters won't care what happened a student generation ago.

Baylor may be just a few years from 2012. What an interesting day it will be when they arrive at that glorious utopia, only to discover that somewhere along the way they lost their soul.

Ok, back to my passive indifference.


jen said...

did he want the job? was he still going to keep Legacy?

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,
It was great to have lunch with you today!! Hey I was supposed to tell you (if I ever saw you) that Jessica Williams is coming to Truett next semester and she says 'howdy'. My wife and her rooomed together at ETBU.
Also, if you ever want to get together sometime and talk about the University Chaplain deal, i'd be happy to explain it a bit further...i didn't feel right talking about it at lunch today in full.
You can contact me through my Baylor email address.
Thanks man!
Kenny Byler