Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I was in the middle of writing a post about how much I really don't care for Halloween, about how I was the fat kid who always got the cheap plastic costume that always ripped down the pants before the night was over, and how I just didn't want to buy candy so I began planning on being one of those people who thinks the Holiday is demonic and a celebration of the Devil's birthday. Then I got a text from Jen to go to the church, so I went. I saw the kids in their costumes a few days ago when they got them, but I guess she wanted a picture with us, since I think I've had a Halloween picture since they were born. So I went for a bit, then ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and have found myself at the Starbucks on the Interstate. I'm stalling until I can be assured all the neighborhood children have gone home. I don't want to be answering the door every thirty seconds just to tell the disappointed little critters I don't have any candy.

So while I'm stalling, I thought I'd give you what I haven't done in a long time-- A bulleted post with random stuff about what's going on with me.

-- On two occasions today I left an interaction with people with the feeling I had been rude. I hate when this happens with people I don't know well because it's not like I can call them up and say "Hey, remember when I saw you today? Yeah, I think I may have given you the impression that I snubbed you, but that wasn't my intention." So if you've seen me today, and I was rude to you, I apogize.

-- The previous bullet point makes me feel like a high school kid on MySpace.

-- There are two girls sitting at a table close to me. When they sat down they were holding hands across the table. When I saw this I thought they were either a.) going through some difficult situation and have been praying for each other or b.) Lesbian Lovers. As the night has progressed I've come to believe the answer is 'b.'

-- I'm about to read Redneck Liberation: Country Music as Theology, a birthday present from Adam. Should be good.

-- I must begin going to the gym again. I stopped running and working out a couple of months ago when I got sick for several days and have never picked it back up, other than the exercise I get from walking Jane. I'm starting to feel doughy again.

-- There were several kids at Trunk or Treat, UBC's Halloween thing for children, who looked like they were experiencing their first Halloween as a conscious being. I was thinking how crazy this must be for these kids. Living their entire lives where everything is pretty much the same then BAM!, thrown in the middle of a world where everyone looks like something else.

-- Did anyone read about John Kerry's verbal slip up today? And did you see his apology? How can anyone believe this dude meant to say anything else other than that it's the stupid people who are in the military?

-- Now that this holiday is almost over, I'm excited about Turkey cooking season.

-- I am drinking my first ever cup of decaf coffee. It's not that bad.

-- I still listen to some Christian music. Just downloaded a Bebo Norman song and am really digging it.

-- To regain some of my street cred I should also annouce I downloaded some stuff from Matt Kearney. But since I never knew who he was until he had a song on Grey's Anatomy, that probably negates any street cred I had.

That's pretty much it.


jenA said...

hey. for halloween I went out to have a beverage with my lesbian friend; we were both plainclothes revelers. A former co-worker asked me if i was a lesbian, so I said, "for halloween I am! and (my friend) dressed up as a straight girl, see?"
This was a post about lesbians, right?
Does anyone's child read this blog? Suddenly I feel as if I'm imposing an iffy subject onto someone's parenting process.

Holly Jones said...

craig, i was glad to have a costume-less friend at trunk or treat!

Anonymous said...

Craig, go and read Kerry's comment in context! Look at the logical progression of insult towards Bush. It is very CLEARLY saying that Bush is stupid, not troops. Also, check out Keith Olberman's video on msnbc.com about this...


Craig said...

Alright, the joke was about Bush. Does that make it any less childish and insulting?

Assuming it is out Bush, don't you think that hits a new low in political mudslinging? "If you don't do well in school, you are stupid like our president?"