Tuesday, October 17, 2006

From our alternative service yesterday, to the excerpts I read of Barack Obama's new book, and even in the few minutes I watched Oprah today before I fell asleep, the theme that seems to be finding me lately is a call to see the best in people. I'm feeling a tug to "extend grace" to people I ordinarily wouldn't deem worthy.

I'm finding this is easy in theory, but when given the opportunity to pull grace back, it's just too damn easy. I mean, why do people make it so hard for you to like them sometimes? What I wouldn't give to see basic goodness and holiness the remnant of the imago dei in all people. I generally can do this until they do something, anything.

It's just kind of been a bummer of a day, thus the melancholy post. I came close to having an anxiety attack on two occasions today, and it was not fun. They only other time this has happened to me was over a year ago when I stopped taking the pain medication prescribed after my ear surgery. I was only on those things for a few days and getting off of them caused me major mental anguish.

But there are no drugs involved now.

Maybe there should be. :)

(And maybe I just wanted to suggest I will start using drugs just to get the damned religious "sponsors" off my site.)


Ifoundbobbyfisher said...

No worries man... one of your sponsors promised to help me find my soulmate! That's so exciting to think that they could do that just from me reading your blog. I just hope it ends up with my wife or she'll be pissed!

Grace is amazing. Grace is a bitch. What a tangled web we weave. Feel the love.

Singleton said...

A sponsor that I saw advertised "Got Gout? Get Faith!"... I have no idea what that all entails.