Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Like It's 1999...

I had an office in 1999. It was located in the BSM office at ETBU in Marshall, TX. Danael, Jessica, and I were hanging out doing I can't remember what. The radio was on and placed on one of those 80's, 90's, and Today stations. (Although, it was probably a 70's, 80's, and Today station at the time.)

A song began and we all three recognized the tune. It was Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five's "ABC." We all looked at each other simultaneously. There was no pause. Not a moment of hesitation nor of second guessing. We knew what needed to be done and we did it. We jumped out of our seats and danced like we hadn't danced since we were kids.

To this day it goes down as one of the top five holiest moments of my life. It was vitality defined.

These are the moments I long for. The nod across the room to someone who knows what I'm going through. The raising of the glass and hugging of the neck. The deep breath in the midst of depressing daily life situations. The dance and the wink. This is the ground Jesus treads on, and the ground I hope to find more and more.


Jess said...

Ahh, Craig I miss you so. That makes me smile! I can't wait to catch up. You are a great writer!

Mike said...

ABC--one of the great songs ever. Fact.

You can look it up.

Dannybrou said...

Craig... Jess told me tonight about this blog entry. I do remember this quite well actually... wow. such a long time ago. We go way back and I am thankful of that..

hopefully soon we will be able to catch up.

Talk to you soon craig...