Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's a Girl!...

I grew up surrounded by animals. My mom is that "cat lady" that existed in every town any of you have ever lived in. We had dogs as well, but the house swarmed with cats. People in and out of town knew that 513 Neches Street was a place they could drop their unwanted animlas and have assurance they would be treated well. My mom would open the door to grab the morning paper and, oh, what do we have hear? She would pick it up and have it named before she turned around to bring it back into the house. We were animal people.

I've never lived in a place since I moved away from home that is conducive to raising a pet. Until now.

I've made about a half-dozen trips to the Waco Humane Society over the past few days and I've bit the bullet. I'm the proud papa of a little black labrador retriever. I can't pick her up until tomorrow or Thursday, as she has to get spaid and vaccinated, but I already feel different, like a new person.

I gave the Lake kids the responsibility of naming the puppy. If I got a boy puppy the boys could name it, and they decided on "Sharky." If it was a girl, Avery got the honors. A girl it is and Avery has christened her "Jane."

Pictures of Craig and Jane will be up within the week.


jenA said...

Bring jane over sometime next week, just call to let me know when you two are free and can hang out with me n jason!

ruth said...

welcome to the wonderful world of pet ownership. it's a good thing you feel like a new person - you certainly will be. :)

Erin said...

Congratulations, Craig! You will make a great dog-dad, I am sure. We will be anxiously awaiting pictures of your new addition.
-Erin (and Stella Artois, the beautiful tabby cat)
P.S. Yes, I know. I'm one of THOSE people who dotes on animals (esp. my own) like children. Ick.

Liz said...

aw hooray for a new member of the family!

Carn-Dog said...

wait you got a black lab?


The Table Guy said...

Ok, be honest, you chose a female dog so that you would never have to utter the sentence "this is my dog sharky."

Melissa said...


As the owner of a lab, let me give this piece of advice to you before it's too late, just in case you've never had a lab before (though I see you've grown up with dogs aplenty).

Stimulate this dog. Never let her be bored. When labs get bored, they get SUPER DESTRUCTIVE. My lab? She ate our dining room. Literally. Trim, windowsills, doors, drywall.

They need to be worn out, physically and mentally. Regular long walks do wonders (I refer you to Cesar Millan for the proper way to walk a dog). That and constant supervision, because they're AWFULLY CURIOUS, too.

I have no doubt you will do fine, but it's my duty to say something JUST IN CASE you've never had a lab, in the hopes that I will save you a lot of money and renovations. :P