Thursday, August 31, 2006

Firt Nap...

I picked Jane up this morning at 10:00. We played in the back yard for a couple of hours. I'm trying to start training early, so we've already pactices "Sit," and "Go Potty." I put some toys in her crate to get her to walk in and out of it. When she started to look sleepy I coaxed her into it, closed the gate, then left the room. The most difficult thing was to not go save her when she started crying. It didn't take too long, however, for her to calm down and take her first nap. She was so tired!

Yep, I feel like a parent already.


jenA said...

wait till you come home to ind her mysteriously out of her crate, surrounded by shreds of what looks like something that was probably very valuable in its lifetime, looking up at you with puppy dog eyes and a wagging tail. See how good at the discipline you are, then.

ruth said...

the above happened to me - even though i secured both crate latches and clamped the door shut in other locations. the result was some severely screwed up mini blinds and some overturned plants.

greenISgood said...

I love Jane because she is soft
I love Jane because she is sweet
I love Jane because she is black
I love Jane because she is SO cute
I love Jane because she loves me
I love Jane because she licks me
I love Jane because she is adopted
I love Jane
Jane Jane Jane