Friday, September 30, 2005


I think the coming of Fall in Texas is the equivalent of the coming of Spring in areas with colder climate. Growing up I was always baffled by the excitement at Spring, how people extolled it in books and song as a metaphor for "awakening" or "new life." In my part of the world the first day it feels like spring simply means that in a very short period of time it's going to get very, very hot.

But Fall. Man, let me tell you. Fall awakens my insides. Fall means relief. Fall means football. It means that it's about to be too cold to be outside all the time and all my friends, (the one's I have left here, anyway) are going to be looking for a living room to gather in and visit. Fall mean's the second annual UBC retreat where the closest thing I have a family in this town will all gather around a campfire and, well, be together. It means pulling my favorite red blanket out of my room and onto the couch to watch the four episodes of "Ed" I chose to keep on TIVO.

The temperature in Waco on Wednesday was 104. Yesterday? 81. I'm not sure when the official first day of Autumn is, but for all practical purposes, it was yesterday. Here's how I spent it: Woke up, layed around a bit, went for a walk and listened to the entire new Crowder album, spent a couple of hours with the Lake kids, went and worked out, came home, watched television, read, then went to sleep. It was wonderful.

And speaking of those Lake kids, I was thinking this last night about our time together yesterday. I've never known a Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes type of love, but if I were sitting on Oprah's couch and she asked me about those kids, there would be several feet between mine and the ground.

Happy Fall!!

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