Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dear Blog Community...

For Kyle's birthday in June I got us tickets to the Cowboys-Redskins game which took place tonight. Circumstances (which I will probably mention in future updates) required us to make a two day trip out of it. The past two days have been very special. Got to see my parents, hang out in Chandler and Tyler for more than a couple of hours, get a sneak peak of the new David Crowder CD in the car, spend much needed quality time with Kyle and, most important (not really, but pretty damn cool.....)

I got to see these three guys, three of the greatest players in history, get inducted into the prestigious Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. All I can say, and I shit you not, it was magical.

I just got in. It's late, or early-- depending on what side of sleep you are on. On the way back I was thinking about how much I have neglected you, my blog community.

So this week I will be different. When I get off work tomorrow I'll try to finish up my road trip. Then I want to explore this thought that I had while driving around East Texas.... I always make a big deal about how much East Texas is a part of me. But driving through East Texas I realized how now, at this point in my life, Waco is also a huge part of me, and shines light on how I view home.

Anyway, sorry for neglected you. Thanks for waiting around.

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