Friday, September 23, 2005


Well, I'm officially an abandoned soul this weekend. Tim and Isabel left a couple of weeks ago. Jason and Christy are still out east chasing those bunny Rabbits. Kyle and the kids are out at Bosque while Jen parties it up at a shower or birthday party or something in Dallas. My car is in horrible condition, as is my wallet, making it impossible for me to escape. Maybe I should become friends with the older couple next door. Their house looks like the front cover of about a dozen Christian Novels, so I'm sure they're good people. Maybe the grandchild they lost contact with after a bitter divorce would be about my age right now and they are looking for someone to fill the void.

Oh, well, I'll probably not act upon it. If they knock on my door tonight asking for a cup of sugar or a couple of eggs, I'll take that as a sign. Otherwise, I'll just put in the Seinfeld DVD and watch it until I get sleepy.

I got off of work at 4:00 today. Came home, rested a bit, ran 5 miles down Austin Avenue and a little into Cameron park. There are tons of evacuees in downtown Waco right now. I took it upon myself to be Waco's ambassador of good will. I said "Welcome to Waco," to some and "Bienvenedos a Waco" to others and somewhere in the midst of that I realized, holy cow, I've become a Wacoan.

I came home and watched Amy Grant's new program "Three Wishes." It's no secret I'm a sissy boy when it comes to shows like that, so I'll not try to hide the fact that I wept.

Stay dry. Be close to people you love... for me.

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