Saturday, July 17, 2004

Real Live Preacher...
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My Dream...
I had one of those really real dream last night.  Dont' you just love those?  If they aren't nightmares, that is. 
I was at a dinner with the cast of Friends when, all of a sudden, I realized that I was a part of the cast of Friends.  I had been a part of the show and I knew everyone and had stories to tell about the years gone by.  But periodically throughout the dream the cast of Friends turned into, and out of, my real friends.  Jennifer Aniston turned into Wesley, Matthew Perry turned into Kyle, Matt LeBlanc-- Ben, Monica was Regina from work.  That was all, everyone else stayed the same.
We were all there for Jennifer Aniston's (Wesley Carlin's) going away party.  (Which is where the dream is rooted in reality, since Wesley will be moving to Los Angeles soon.  Hey, Los Angeles?  Hollywood?)  At one point I made a fool of myself in front of the cast of Friends by saying, "I just dont' know what I'm going to do without Rachel, I mean, Jennifer around.   Where will my legitimacy come from?"
Any armchair psychologists care to take a stab at that one?
Got up at 8:00, messed around, went to work out, sitting around now waiting for 3:00 to come, which is when I go to work.  I also work tomorrow (during the day-- my rare Sunday morning shift) and Monday.  I worked the past two days as well.  So, technically, although this is Saturday, it feels like Wednesday.  Oh, the life of retail. 

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