Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm working on something but haven't had uninterrupted time to write it for several days.

In the meantime, I should go all Oprah on you and share with you one of my favorite things. On my way back from a day in Dallas hanging out with my friend Jason, I stopped off at the most holy of restaurants, the Waffle House. On the menu is a pie referred to simply as "Pecan Pie." However, if you know the secret workings of the Waffle House culture (as I have spent many years mastering,) then you know there is a method of preparing said pie that will bring you to the threshold of paradise. Simply ask for the pie to be warmed.

Warmed Pecan Pie at the Waffle House is not thrown in the microwave for twenty seconds and then thrown on a plate. Warmed isn't put in the oven or even just taken out of the refrigerator for an extended period of time. No, when the geniuses at the Waffle House warm pecan pie, they place it on the griddle. They then proceed to drop a few dollops of butter on top of the pie, then place a domed lid over it. And this is warmed. Pecan pie simmering in a sauna with pure butter-steam penetrating every pore.

Yes my friends, this is one of my favorite things.


Myles said...

i took my brother in law there this weekend. god bless that place.

JB said...

yeah, that sounds tasty!
Graig, Have you ever ate the Siberian national meal, sitting in the north of Europe place named Estonia at time of beautiful summer. Great feeleng you now?