Thursday, November 01, 2007

What to become...

"Funny which words stick around 20 years down when you're driving alone..."
Mat Kearney, What's a Boy to Do?

I was prophesied over once. I know, crazy huh? I mean, who the hell knows? Do these people just give some generic prophecy that many years down can be made to fit any interpretation of a sequence of events? Or is it something that once they put the words into motion, you live your life in such a way to make those things happen? The options are numerous. But what about the non-cynical option? What if there are prophets among us with some strange connection to God who are really speaking for Him?

I have my doubts.

Regardless, I was still prophesied over once. The guy told me I was a rock. He said my strength was my loyalty, that I remain. And then he told me I would fly all over the world like a bird, or a rocket, expanding the kingdom of God.

Today I spent a lot of time making change for people, putting together book displays, and listening to annoying people who don't know what they want, but expected me to. While I know (and fully live by the fact) that the kingdom exists in strange corners of the earth and through different means, I doubt this was what he had in mind. I'm pretty sure he was thinking of something a little more wild, evangelical. A little more Billy Graham, a little less American Joe.

The difficult thing is that these are wait-and-see experiences-- still in the making, yet probably a long way off. I guess I'll always remain loyal, perhaps even to a fault. But a rock and flying like a bird or a rocket, not sure if I'll ever pull that off.


Jeanne Damoff said...

You may never fly, but you can do pretty decent high kicks.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Larry & I belong to a Pentacostal church these days & it's really really real! I've experienced it personally. Prophecy is definately a gift that God still operates with here & now. Email me...I'd love to share more!

Liz Reeves

greenISgood said...

I've flown many times. In rockets even.

jenA said...

i think you've done plenty of flying, by being the friend your friends carried with them in their travels.

beth said...

if we ever move, maybe you could FLY and visit us ?!