Thursday, December 14, 2006

Potentially Humorous Tidbits (And Another)...

-- Remember when we were kids and couldn't see anything above counter tops and were left to imagine what things may look like on the other side? The other day while the boys and I were getting Sno Cones at Mr. Snow, I picked Jude up so he could see the nice lady who takes care of us every Monday. He looked through the building with wonder in his eye, then asked her, "Where do you sleep in there?" He thought it was her house.

-- I was in the store yesterday and noticed one of the aisles at the end had a "Family Planning" tag. This is where they sell condoms, but I thought about how funny it would be to round the corner with your shopping buggy and see a bunch of families sitting around planning their next few weeks like at a business meeting, with charts and power point presentations going on.

-- I also found it humorous, and quite appropriate, that the section of condoms is sold adjacent to the section selling deoderant.

-- I've had this conversation with others before, but someone pointed out to me that people who grew up in the south say "Buggy" while those in other parts of the country use "Shopping Cart." Which do you use?

(I just posted this and forgot to share the one that spurred my thoughts. Here's that one.)

-- I had a terrifying experience yesterday. Bright red urine. I was peeing blood. When it came out my mind raced-- Kidney Infection, Stones, perhaps something worse? I've heard stories and I didn't want to be one that will one day tell them. I've already had a couple of kidney infections in my lifetime, and I'd prefer to keep it at that. I just knew I was going to have to spend the night in the emergency room, which sucked because I had friends coming in town. But rather than going straight to the doctor I drowned my system with 12 bottles of water in a two hour span. The next pee was slightly pink, and it's been clear since.

After some internet research I discovered the source of my condition. When you put a handful of red M&M's in your mouth, and rather than chew them you let them dissolve, and this is done while drinking water on an empty stomach, the red dye leaks into your system and you pee red. (At least this is what I'm hoping.)

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Amanda said...

Sometimes I still have to imagine what is on the other side of a counter :o)