Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year...

In 2007 I resolve to...

-- Listen to more Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, and pick someone none of you have ever heard of and become that artist's biggest fan.

-- Run so hard and for so long that I can eat whatever I want, and drink as much beer as makes me responsibly happy, without worrying about gaining weight.

-- Visit Blake and Karla in Seattle.

-- Finish writing the book I started two years ago.

-- Get a tatoo.

-- Piss somebody off.

-- Wedge myself into a conversation in which I convince an evangelical that I am not a Christian and have them walk me through the sinners prayer. After saying "Amen" I will say, "Wow, this is amazing. Now I have two religions-- Islam AND Christianity!"

-- Get a camera and take some pictures.

-- Go on dates.

-- Spend more time at Caddo Lake.

-- Buy a new iron.

-- Be honest with people when I don't remember their name.

-- Pay off my MasterCard.

-- Be done with half-ass hugs.

-- Not sweat the small stuff.

-- Read Crime and Punishment.

-- Watch more television.

-- Take more naps.

-- Go to the Texas Country Reporter Festival.

-- Read the Bible more.

-- Wear cooler clothes.

-- Learn all the words to "The End of the World as we Know It."

-- Write more letters.

-- Sing much louder.

-- Get more stories.


Jason said...

You left out "visit Jason and Christy in Thailand" which confirms my suspicion that when I came home this month it eliminated the possibility of your visit.


EL MOL said...

Hey jason in Thailand . .. serious question. Can you bring Craig a bottle of mekong for me?? It is Thai Rice whiskey . . . I will drive to waco and pick it up. thank you.

Jason said...

El Mol,

If Craig comes to Thailand, he could bring a bottle back to you.

EL MOL said...

Looks like you now have your calling Craig. Come on, I have like one sip left of my mekong !!!!!

Craig said...


I will go to Thailand this year and bring back all the Mekong you'd like. According to, it will cost you the price of the Mekong plus a $2000 travel fee.


EL MOL said...

Craig, don't forget the hookers and hash . . . add that into the budget.

Craig said...

I was hoping my hosts could provide that. You know, complimentary.

EL MOL said...

good point. the least they could do.

Cory said...

Very impressive made me laugh out loud.

Let me know if you're going back to Caddo...I'm in!

Kevin said...

Happy New Year, Craig!

Jason said...


It won't cost $2000. At the most it would be 1000, but I think we could find at least 200 lower, if not more.

Just use your Barnes and Noble Christmas bonus, there should be some to spare.

OneCoolMama said...

Rick told me I had to read your list because we have some goals in, the running thing, and the Texas Country Reporter.....hmmmm......we just might could become friends.
Oh, and thank you for the concert hook-up not long ago....GREATLY appreciated! :)

Myles said...

god bless craig nash.

Katy said...

I am also thinking of getting a tatoo this year. God help me.