Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More from Rich (Or... For Blake and Jen)...

"A spiritual thing is folding your clothes at the end of the day. A spiritual thing is making your bed..."
Rich Mullins

I'm still working on writing a post about my trip, but first things first. One of the realizations I came to while visiting friends is that one of my greatest needs right now is to treat the spaces alotted to me with more reverence. If Christ's incarnation was about more than just getting my ass into heaven, as McLaren would say, and spoke of God's love for creation, for matter, for the things we touch and the places we visit and lay our heads at night, then I'm the biggest sinner in the world because I'm a messy slob.

In this area, I'm trying to participate in my redemption.

I'm going to refrain from posting anything until my room gets clean. For the few of you who have been priveliged enough to see my room, you know it may take a while. But hopefully not more than a couple of days.

Until then-- Be blessed. Be near to the people you love, whether in proximity or in thought.

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